Clarence Washington

Tools for Effective Prayer

Your current prayer life is perfectly designed to produce the results that you are getting! It’s not rocket science.
So if you want a prayer life that will enable you to experience God’s presence like you never have before and move Him to bless you like He has never blessed you before, then you must start praying like you have never prayed before! Tools for Effective Prayer will teach you how to do that!
This handbook should be on the desktop of every pastor, the coffee table of every Christian home, and in every classroom where the principles of prayer are being taught!

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New for 2024

Hijacked Volume 5,
The Demonic

The first four volumes of Hijacked!, How Dr. King’s Dream Became a Nightmare explores the goals that must be achieved and the methods that must be used to fix what is wrong with America. However, these things have been hijacked by super natural spiritual forces and caused the once unthinkable devastating nightmare in America, which we are now experiencing. This Nightmare has been orchestrated by spiritually dark forces who must be dealt with through an effective, super natural, spiritual warfare prayer strategy. Nothing else—but this—will solve the demonic insanity that is occurring all over America today! In Volume 5, The Demonic, everything that “We the People” need to do this and bring America back from the brink of total decline and destruction is explored in detail.


Clear, comprehensive, compelling—that says it all!

Clarence is a graduate of Luther Rice Seminary, with a bachelor of arts in biblical studies and has completed several graduate courses towards a master of arts in biblical studies. He is currently the senior pastor of Abundant Life Community Church in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

When TRUTH Is Always Your Goal, FREEDOM Is Always Your Destiny!

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